Chemex Brew Method


Grind: Medium Coarse

Brew Method: Chemex

Prior to placing coffee filter, pre wet the top of the Chemex to help assist the filter stay in location. Once filter is in place, wet the filter with a small amount of hot water from Kettle. Pour out clean water. Pour coffee grind into filter. Coffee to water ratio should be 1g coffee to 15g water (15g coffee would require 225g water). Start off by slowly pouring 80g of hot water (195-200F) in a circle motion. This will cause what is called a “bloom”. The bloom process will release gas bubbles from the roast. Once bloom is settled pour additional hot water from kettle. Let water gather to the top and then settle. While settling, stir gently with a spoon a few times. Once water has extracted, continue to pour until the ratio is correct. Let remaining water flow through coffee until finished with the drip. Process should take 5-7 minutes. Upon completion, pour coffee into your favorite cup and enjoy!

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