About Us

Our mission is to create small batch artesian coffee and teach others the multitude of ways to brew in your own home.

Our journey started with the idea of finding a passion that we could turn into a business, that not only brought our family closer together, but created opportunity in our community. What could we create that would teach our two young children discipline and the education behind starting and running a business? What jobs could this create in our local community? What value could we provide to others?

Our visions aligned when we realized we both had a passion for a quality cup of coffee. When we began to learn about the sourcing of coffee from ethical farms, the process of roasting green beans and how many creative ways one could brew, we knew this would be the path we endured. What if we could share our journey on educating ourselves on the importance of high-quality farmed versus commodity coffee? What would it look like if we could share smiles with our community members while we show them the coffee they enjoy was sourced, roasted, and bagged ethically?