Brew Methods


Grind: Medium Coarse

Brew Method: Pour Over

Heat Kettle to 195-200F with water of low mineral. Place pour over deice directly over cup of choice. Dampen the pour over with water and place pour over filter. Pour a small amount of water on the filter to hold in place and not transfer taste. Remove pour over from cup and remove water. Place cup and pour over on scale. Pour in coffee grind to desired amount. I prefer a 1g of coffee to 15g of water ratio. Tear scale to remove weight. Start by pouring a small amount of coffee into grind to allow “bloom” to form and bubbles to release. Once completed pour additional water in a swirling motion into pour over device. Stir or swirl the cup a few times between each pour to allow for even extraction. Allow all water to flow through coffee grind. Remove pour over and dispose of old grind and enjoy!


Grind: Fine (use an espresso grinder)

Brew Method: Espresso

Pre weigh the portafilter prior to placing grounds to help adjust the scale. Grind coffee into portafilter basket. The weight and grind will depend on the espresso machine, coffee bean, etc. Once you find the perfect grind setting and amount, tamp the grind into the basket to even out and flatten the grind. Install the portafilter into the espresso machine by locking in place. Weighing your grind and timing out your brew is important to ensuring the perfect espresso! The time of the brew should be withing 27-30 seconds for the amount desired. Grind settings, amount of grind and timing may change to dial in the perfect taste. Adjusting the grind size can help if the espresso is too bitter or sour. Once brewed there are multiple ways you can serve your espresso such as latte’s, cappuccino’s, americano’s, lungos and the list goes on!



 Grind: Medium Coarse

Brew Method: Chemex

 Prior to placing coffee filter, pre wet the top of the Chemex to help assist the filter stay in location. Once filter is in place, wet the filter with a small amount of hot water from Kettle. Pour out clean water. Pour coffee grind into filter. Coffee to water ratio should be 1g coffee to 15g water (15g coffee would require 225g water). Start off by slowly pouring 80g of hot water (195-200F) in a circle motion. This will cause what is called a “bloom”. The bloom process will release gas bubbles from the roast. Once bloom is settled pour additional hot water from kettle. Let water gather to the top and then settle. While settling, stir gently with a spoon a few times. Once water has extracted, continue to pour until the ratio is correct. Let remaining water flow through coffee until finished with the drip. Process should take 5-7 minutes. Upon completion, pour coffee into your favorite cup and enjoy



Grind: Medium Coarse

Brew Method: French Press

Heat Kettle to 195-200F with water of low mineral. Place French Press on scale. Pour in coffee grind to desired amount into French Press. Start with a 1g of coffee to 75g of water ratio, adjust to taste. Tear scale to remove weight. Pour water from kettle directly over the coffee grinds until the amount of desired water is reached. Allow all water to settle for 4-6 minutes. Stir coffee and water mix after allowing to settle. Remove any coffee grinds that have made their way to the top of the water with a spoon. Allow coffee to brew for another 5-7 minutes. Press down the top of the plunger until it reaches the water level. Pour the coffee directly from the French Press to the cup of choice and enjoy!

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